Always busy enjoying life.


Mark’s ancestors settled in the 19th century north of Bogalusa. When the railroad was built through Hammond to Jackson, MS, they moved to Natalbany and later, in the 1930’s, south to Hammond. Mark’s family moved to Covington in the 1960s. So, technically, Mark is still a ‘come-here’.

As an adolescent, Mark was particularly adept at foosball. He would sneak into the Sore Thumb Tavern (a biker bar on Columbia St. where Pepe’s is located today) and play for money.
At 14, Mark rode his bike from River Forest to Tchefuncta Estates. He and his friends played football on the golf course. He then placed his bike in Trey Blossman’s boat and went across the river to Covington Country Club. It was a long bike ride home from Covington Country Club to River Forest on old Hwy 190.
One of Mark’s earliest jobs was selling snowballs on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and 25th Avenue, riding his ten-speed to work. His first bosses were “Pudge” and Rene Cox.
As a child, Mark lived on 14th Avenue and Harrison Street. Later, Mark and Karen lived on 23rd and Harrison St., then on 20th and Harrison St. Today they live on 22nd and Harrison Street. Mark likes Harrison Street.
At LSU, Mark began to dance the ‘Gator.’ He can still ‘pop a gator’, but it hurts more now than it did back then.

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Mark looks at the world differently. Where others see problems, Mark sees solutions. Where others seek conflict, Mark seeks resolution. Where others believe that The End justifies the Means, Mark believes facilitating the Means leads to a Just End.